Topical DHT Cream

Topical DHT CreamTopical DHT cream can be obtained from a compounding pharmacy with a prescription in some parts of the world.

The cream typically contains Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) concentrations of up to 10%.

The cream can be white or vaseline-like, depending on how your pharmacy makes it. If you’re using the DHT cream for penis growth, ask your pharmacist to make the cream without alcohol (which causes a temporary burning sensation in some men.)

Uses of topical DHT cream include:

If you’re unable to source topical 10% DHT cream through your pharmacy, you can buy topical Andractim DHT gel online without a prescription.

What’s the difference between Topical DHT Cream and Andractim DHT Gel?

With Topical DHT Cream, you can get a custom amount concentration of DHT, up to 10% DHT. Andractim is 2.5% DHT; it’s not as strong as Topical DHT Cream. Also, Topical DHT Cream is typically a white cream, whereas Andractim DHT Gel is a translucent hydroalcoholic gel.