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Does DHT Prevent Prostate Growth?

October 3, 2010

DHT ProstateThere’s a lot of confusion out there about DHT and the prostate gland. The truth is that the effects of DHT on the prostate are not clearly known. In fact, research indicates that DHT can actually help shrink the prostate and that topical DHT may be beneficial for some men at preventing benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH.

A study done with rats revealed more interesting data about DHT. Researchers challenged the notion that dihydrotestosterone is the active trophic androgen in initiating pathogenic changes in the prostate gland. Groups of prostate cancer-susceptible male rats were treated with subcutaneous depots of testosterone or of DHT. After 14 months, prostate adenocarcinomas had developed in 24% of the testosterone-treated rats but not in the DHT-treated rats. It appears that DHT is a key contributor to the prevention of prostate problems and could be beneficial to overall prostate health.

Read the full abstract here.