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DHT for Penis Growth in Patients with Microphallus

February 16, 2010

DHT Cream for Penis Growth in MicrophallusAn oft-cited journal article about DHT to support it as a viable treatment for penis growth is about a very successful study done in 1993 by Korean researchers.

To investigate the efficacy of transdermal dihydrotestosterone therapy on patients with microphallus, they applied dihydrotestosterone gel for 8 weeks to the external genitalia at daily doses of 12.5 mg. and 25 mg. for ages less than and older than 10 years, respectively.

All patients demonstrated growth of the penis during treatment. The mean increase rate (153%) in the first 4 weeks of treatment was higher than that (118%) of the second 4 weeks. Of importance is that responses were noted in 4 patients who had failed testosterone therapy for microphallus.

They concluded that transdermal dihydrotestosterone therapy is an effective and relatively safe treatment for microphallus.

Read the journal abstract here.