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DHT Gel Causes Dramatic Reductions in Gynecomastia Within 10-21 Days

August 7, 2010

Gynecomastia in men appears to be a problem associated with potent antiretroviral therapy, and is appearing more commonly since the introduction of protease inhibitor-based therapy. Two phenomena appear to occur: increased fat accumulation in the breast, or true gynecomastia with increased glandular tissue. Patients may be asymptomatic or may have discomfort or pain.

Management of gynecomastia is not well defined. Reversal does not always occur when specific drugs are discontinued or switched. Some patients have opted for gynecomastia surgery. An intriguing recent report studied the use of dihydrotestosterone gel applied to the skin. In this report, the investigators hypothesized that some component of the regimen might be mimicking the effect of estrogen on breast tissue. A total of 4 patients were treated with dihydrotestosterone gel and all had rapid and dramatic reductions in breast tissue within 10-21 days. The interesting response to dihydrotestosterone does suggest that other androgens or antiestrogens might be beneficial.

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