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DHT Gel Safe for Treating Older Men with Andropause

March 21, 2010

DHT Gel Safe for AndropauseResearchers in Australia conducted a study to determine the efficacy and safety of 3 months treatment with transdermal DHT gel on muscle strength, mobility, and quality of life in men aged 60 yr or older. They discovered that treatment with a modified formulation of a DHT gel that’s been used in France for decades demonstrated expected androgenic effects, short-term safety, and increased muscle strength.

Male aging is associated with a gradual, progressive decline in circulating Testosterone. Despite being the most potent natural androgen, DHT is little used therapeutically.

In this study, daily topical application of 70 mg DHT gel for 3 months produced expected hormonal changes of increased DHT levels.

The safety experience was satisfactory. There were no discontinuations for adverse medical events (notably polycythemia, sleep apnea, or lower urinary tract symptoms) attributable to DHT treatment. Effects on the prostate were minimal, even potentially beneficial, because there was no evidence of stimulatory effects on prostate size or PSA concentrations.

The researchers concluded that 3 months treatment with transdermal DHT gel demonstrates expected androgenic effects, short-term safety, and limited improvement in lower limb muscle strength but no change in physical functioning or cognitive function.

Read the full journal article here.