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DHT Gel Improves Erections

January 6, 2011

Andractim Penis GrowthA study was conducted in Finland to investigate the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gel on general well-being, sexual function, and the prostate in aging men. 120 men participated in this randomized, placebo-controlled study (60 DHT and 60 placebo) with 114 completing it.

DHT gel was administered transdermally for 6 months, with the dose varied from 125–250 mg/d.

Results were evaluated using a questionnaire, and prostate symptoms were evaluated using the International Prostate Symptoms Score, transrectal ultrasonography, and assay of serum prostate-specific antigen.

Early morning erections improved in the DHT group at 3 months of treatment, and the ability to maintain erection also improved in the DHT group. No significant changes were observed in general well-being between the placebo and the DHT group. Prostate weight and prostate-specific antigen levels did not change during the treatment. No major adverse events were observed.

Topical DHT gel improves sexual function and may be a useful alternative to aromatizing androgens in the treatment of aging men requiring androgen replacement.

Read the full abstract here.