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Get Rid of Gynecomastia with DHT Gel

June 30, 2010

DHT Gel for GynecomastiaThere have been several successful studies that demonstrated the effectiveness of DHT gel in treating gynecomastia (male breast development.)

On study looked at forty adult men with persistent  gynaecomastia (of more than 18 months duration) being treated with local topical administration of DHT gel (125mg of DHT twice a day.) The patient’s DHT levels rose significantly, while both Testosterone and Estrogen levels dropped, and the breast tissue reduced in 29 of the subjects.

They concluded that regular DHT use is an efficient treatment for gynaecomastia due principally to the increase in DHT levels and a decrease in testicular E2 and T secretion following a reduction in LH secretion.

Read the full abstract here.