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DHT Cream for Penis Growth in Transgender Men

March 8, 2010

Andractim DHT GelLargely based on studies of successful penis growth with DHT in patients with microphallus, DHT is recommended by some Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) surgeons to encourage penis growth in transgender men.

A compounded 10% DHT cream can be obtained with a prescription in some parts of the world. You can also buy Andractim DHT gel online. Andractim is a 2.5% DHT hydroalcoholic gel.

Apply the gel three times daily. For best results, cycle the treatment: use until you stop feeling the effects of increased libido and energy (usually a couple of weeks), then stop for 2-3 weeks, then start the DHT again. Do this for a total treatment length of 3 months (not including the weeks off!)

Because Andractim DHT gel contains alcohol, you may feel a temporary burning sensation when applied.