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DHT Cream for Penis Enlargement

June 18, 2010

DHT Cream for Penis GrowthDHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is the hormone that causes the  spongy tissue in the penis (sinusoids) to get erect, repair and even grow.  Good penile blood circulation and human Growth Hormone (hGH) are also required for repair and penis growth. The most significant amount of penis growth happens during puberty, when DHT and hGH reach peak levels.

This helps explain why DHT/5-alpha reductase inhibitors  like Finasteride and Proscar eventually thin the tunica albuginea and depress sinusoids, eventually causing penile shrinkage with long-term use.

Teenage boys have a maximum penis size when their DHT levels peak. As they age and enter mid-life, DHT levels drop and the penis starts to shrink.

How Does DHT Cause Penis Growth?

The amount of DHT that your body produces and the effectiveness of your DHT hormone receptors are the two main ingredients of penis size.

When topically applied the penis, DHT will increase the number of penile cells, which in turn increases the amount of penile tissue that holds blood, lengthening the penis.

Applied daily in doses totaling up to 70mg, DHT should result in harder erections and an increased sex drive—often within days. DHT for penis enlargement should be cycled, so when you stop noticing these changes, stop using the DHT for 14-21 days, then start the cycle again. Most men experience the majority of penis growth from DHT in the first 6-8 weeks of treatment (longer, if properly cycled.)

Topical DHT cream is available online as Andractim DHT Gel.